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About the firm & the Founder

IFS Consulting Group LLC is a DC Metro based firm that provides business consulting and financial planning services to small & medium size businesses, individual professionals, and families throughout the region. By being positioned as an independent firm and not bound by obligations to offer proprietary products, IFS if able to offer unbiased advice to clients based strictly on their needs and interest and not motivated by company goals, deadlines and quotas.


Is to take the stress and complication out of the planning process. Making tough decisions are sometimes very difficult because of the emotional attachment we have to our situations. At IFS Consulting Group our financial advisors take an objective approach to your situation and help you navigate the decision making process by asking the right questions to make sure your concerns are clearly heard, understood, and matched with professionalism that will provide you with peace of mind and confidence about your ability to achieve your goals.


At the core of what we do is our belief that the most important thing in the world is to do the right thing! Our fiduciary responsibility is always at the forefront of our advisory process. Our financial advisors are committed to ensuring that first and foremost, your best interest is recognized and preserved. We believe in measuring twice and even a third time if necessary so that we can do the job right the first time. We value your time but more importantly we value your trust. For this reason it is of the highest priority to make sure we serve you with integrity, fairness, openness, and responsiveness to the needs and concerns you have entrusted us to address on your behalf.


Is to be sincere, thorough, expedient, and careful in the role we serve as your financial advisor. IFS Consulting Group realizes that we don't live in an ideal world but we can be governed by ideals that drive us to pursue a high degree of excellence in the services we deliver. We are committed to our mission and our values which means we are committed to you. IFS Consulting Group is a family which means your relationship with us is personal. When you are doing well we are there to celebrate you, and when you are faced with challenges we are with you to support, comfort, and assist you. Your family is our family and your concerns are our concerns. Without "you (U)" there is no "US" because we are members of the community we serve and therefore believe it is our obligation to serve you with an equal or greater level of commitment as we would ourselves.

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