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IFS Consulting Group

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Helping you identify, clarify, & simplify the process of achieving your financial goals

IFS Consulting Group is full service advisory firm with a simple mission...your success! Our advisors have a singular focus to help clients take care of whats important to them and those they care about. Through Money Concepts International our advisors have access to industry leading platforms and resources to help clients address their every need regarding their financial concerns. Our financial advisors are experienced in financial planning, life insurance, retirement planning and investing, and more.


A comprehensive approach to identify what's important to you

Financial planning is a process. That process is designed to identify, clarify, and simplify your efforts in achieving your financial goals and to enlist your money effectively to protect and preserve your quality of life.


Because getting right is important

Retirement planning can be daunting. We realize that you only get one chance to get it right. IFS Consulting Group uses the most relevant data and processes to evaluate, design and monitor a sound retirement plan with the highest probability of success so that you can enjoy the retirement you desire.


Seeing the big picture

IFS Consulting Group is your go to source for managing and protecting the wealth you've worked so hard to accumulate. Whether you have equities, bonds, real estate or other investment holdings our team is exceptional in developing an effective and efficient strategy to manage and protect your assets.

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Guidance, Support, Commitment

Unfortunately, most of us didn't go to schools that educated us on how to effectively manage our personal finances. To compound the issue, most of what we see in the form of advertisement and promotions in the mainstream media is encouraging behavior that doesn't lend itself to helping us be respsible with our money. So when do we figure it out? For many it comes after years of wasteful spending, huge debt obligations, an awakening that we are way behind in retirement planning, or in many cases painful experiences of financial hardships before realizing that we need to make changes in how we handle our financial affairs. 


"Principles to Prosperity" is a financial coaching program that is a step by step process designed to educate, enlighten, and empower you to have a better understanding of money, become an effective manager of your financial resources, and lay the foundation to help you achieve your financial goals and desires in life.

***Call today for a free consultations to learn how financial coaching can help you. (571-732-1100)

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